CPL T20 2023

World Cup 2023: When will Pakistan-India match take place?

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah has refuted reports claiming that the ICC World Cup 2023 match between Pakistan and India was rescheduled due to security concerns. The much-anticipated match was originally scheduled for October 15 in Ahmedabad but could now take place on October 14. Some media reports suggested that the change was due to the match coinciding with the first day of Navratri, a festival celebrated with mass participation in Gujarat, leading to security challenges.

Jay Shah dismissed these claims, stating that if security was a genuine concern, the match wouldn’t have been held in Ahmedabad in the first place. He clarified that the proposed rescheduling was not primarily due to security issues but rather based on logistical challenges faced by some teams. Some cricket boards had expressed their concerns about the tight scheduling of certain matches, with some teams having only a two-day gap between matches, making it difficult for players to perform at their best while dealing with travel fatigue.

The BCCI is working with the ICC to address these concerns and is attempting to avoid changing venues or matches whenever possible. However, they are considering adjusting the schedule to accommodate teams with short gaps between matches, aiming to provide at least three-day breaks. Several Full Member countries have reportedly requested changes to the schedule, and the BCCI is working to resolve these issues with the ICC promptly.

In summary, Jay Shah denied that security concerns were the primary reason for the rescheduling of the India-Pakistan match and instead cited logistical challenges faced by some teams. The BCCI aims to make necessary adjustments to the schedule to ensure a smoother and more accommodating tournament for all participating teams.

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