CPL T20 2023

When will ICC announce updated schedule of World Cup?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) was expected to announce the updated schedule for the World Cup 2023, as reported by Indian media. However, as of the time of filing the story, no official announcement had been made by the international governing body.

According to reports, there are likely to be slight changes to the schedule, particularly concerning the much-anticipated Pakistan-India clash. The match was initially scheduled for a date close to the start of Navratri celebrations in India. To avoid any potential security issues and logistical challenges, the match is likely to be pushed to October 14, with Navratri celebrations beginning on October 15 in the city of Ahmedabad, where the match is planned.

The local police in Ahmedabad had requested the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to consider changing the date to ensure a smooth and safe event.

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah clarified that the match’s venue would remain unchanged, but they are working on adjusting the schedule to accommodate logistical challenges and reduce the number of two-day gaps between matches for some teams. The aim is to have a more balanced and feasible schedule for all participating teams.

Shah confirmed that several Full Member countries have requested changes to the schedule for a couple of matches in the tournament. The BCCI is collaborating with the ICC to review these requests and is expected to finalize the schedule adjustments in the coming days.

In conclusion, while the ICC had not officially announced the updated schedule for the World Cup 2023 at the time of reporting, it is likely that there will be slight changes to the schedule, including the rescheduling of the Pakistan-India match to October 14, taking into account the Navratri celebrations in India.

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