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Verstappen opens up after Belgian Grand Prix win

Max Verstappen expressed his thoughts on his luck after a remarkable win at the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix on Sunday. The Dutch driver secured his 10th victory of the season and extended his winning streak to eight consecutive wins, with his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez finishing in second place and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in third. Verstappen faced a challenge starting the race from sixth position due to a five-place grid penalty for changing his gearbox, but he managed to overcome his opponents and clinch the victory.

In an amusing incident, Verstappen’s trophy was broken into several pieces during the celebrations. Laughing it off, he said, “It’s broken again, the trophy is broken again!” This was not the first time his trophy suffered damage, as it had previously been accidentally broken by Lando Norris during the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix while popping champagne.

During the race, Verstappen had interesting exchanges with his race engineer, Gianpiero Lambiese. The duo reportedly had constant arguments over the strategy during the weekend. Some people questioned Verstappen’s attitude, but he clarified after the race that such exchanges are common and they know each other well from their years of working together. Verstappen emphasized the importance of communication with his team, stating that while the engineers have the data, he relies on their inputs along with his own feelings about the car’s performance and tire behavior to make decisions on how to push the car.

In conclusion, Verstappen highlighted the significance of the communication and collaboration with his race engineer and the entire team surrounding him, as it plays a crucial role in his performance on the track. This strong partnership has been instrumental in their current successful run.

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