CPL T20 2023

Nick Kyrgios criticises Jimmy Arias over strange take on Iga Swiatek

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios didn’t hold back in criticizing retired American tennis player Jimmy Arias over his comments about the women’s number one ranked player, Iga Swiatek. Arias made a strange comment suggesting that Swiatek hasn’t been great for women’s tennis because she wears her hat too low, making it difficult to see her face and connect with her during matches.

Kyrgios took issue with Arias’ comments and called them a “horrible take” in a tweet, clearly expressing his disagreement with the American’s viewpoint.

This is not the first time Kyrgios has clashed with Arias. When Kyrgios previously announced that he might not play tennis beyond the age of 33, Arias criticized him, suggesting that Kyrgios takes too much time off and should be able to play for many more years. In response, Kyrgios dismissed Arias’ comments and didn’t even know who he was until recently.

In a tweet directed at Arias, Kyrgios expressed his frustration with the retired player’s remarks and requested that his name be kept out of Arias’ mouth to maintain relevance, or at least to give him some credibility.

Clearly, Kyrgios isn’t afraid to speak his mind and defend himself against criticism, especially when it comes to his fellow players and their accomplishments or choices on and off the court.

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