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Canada’s coach reacts after her team’s early exit from FIFA Women’s World Cup

Canada’s coach Bev Priestman expressed her disappointment and shock after her team’s early exit from the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup. The team, who won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, faced a 4-0 defeat against hosts Australia in their last match, leading to their elimination from the tournament.

Reflecting on their performance, Priestman acknowledged the tough challenge they faced in a difficult group (Group B) and the pressure of being a team with high expectations and a target on their back. Despite their early exit, Priestman reminded everyone of their success at the Olympics and the belief they had in winning the gold medal, even if others might not have shared the same confidence.

This early exit from the Women’s World Cup marked the first time in 12 years that Canada bowed out of the tournament at the group stage.

At halftime of the crucial match against Australia, with Canada trailing 2-0, Priestman emphasized the importance of belief to her team. She urged them to stick together and have faith in their abilities. During the break, she made four substitutions, trying to be bold and aggressive in their approach to turn the game around.

Priestman highlighted the significance of belief and the behaviors displayed on the field, such as playing forward, running at players, and maintaining a strong team spirit. She reiterated her belief in the world-class players she has and emphasized the potential for them to be a world-class team if they all believe in themselves.

In conclusion, Priestman stressed the importance of belief and unity within the team, and she remains confident in their abilities to achieve great things despite the challenges they faced in the Women’s World Cup.

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