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Britain knocked out of UCI Cycling World Championships qualifiers

During the UCI Cycling World Championships, Great Britain faced a setback in the men’s team pursuit qualifiers when cyclist Charlie Tanfield suffered a significant crash. This was not the first time Tanfield had faced such a situation, as he had also experienced a crash during the Tokyo Olympics.

After the crash, medical personnel attended to Tanfield, and although a stretcher was brought out, he managed to walk unassisted after receiving treatment. Unfortunately, he was unable to continue, leading to Great Britain being denied a restart and unable to finish the qualifiers.

In a statement, British Cycling confirmed that Tanfield was immediately assessed by the on-site medical team and was subsequently taken to the hospital for further treatment. They expressed their well wishes for his swift recovery and hoped to see him back on his bike soon. However, due to the circumstances, the men’s team pursuit riders could not progress further in the competition.

In the qualifiers, Denmark’s team, consisting of Niklas Larsen, Carl-Frederik Bevort, Frederik Madsen, and Lasse Leth, secured the top position with a time of 3:46.816. New Zealand and Italy also performed well, rounding out the top three.

The eight fastest teams advanced to Round 1, which is scheduled for Friday. In addition to Denmark, New Zealand, and Italy, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan also made it through to the next round. Unfortunately, Belgium, China, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States failed to qualify.

The finals of the men’s team pursuit are set to take place on Saturday, where the top teams will compete for the prestigious title.

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